- Info patch size [Ca 115 Mb] -
	~Patch 105~
Add auto level npc 
Add new daily quest 
Add new town for boss gates [Bera gate]
Add Lunatic King Albireo's [Hard]
Add tadis                            Ingame
Add naruto costumes (14 Days)        mall
Add Starlight Purple Wings (14 Days) mall
Add Phoenix Wings (14 Days)          mall
Add Rainbow Double Wings (14 Days)   Ingame
Add Heaven Wings (14 Days)           mall
Add albireo boss preview
Add ancelic boss preview
Add demonic boss preview
Add twill boss preview
Add bloodstone cave boss preview
Add lunatic albireo boss preview
Add helga boss preview
No more messages when using hp or sp potion
Black shadow give more exp now
Red nix give more exp now
Fire nix give more exp now
Crystal Guardian give more exp now
New buff npc
New slime
New hero slime

Add Bloodstone Cave [boss the rock skins and puppet helga jewelry][2 hour respawn time]
Malephar respawn time now 3.5 hour
Albireo respawn time now 6 hour
Lunatic albireo respawn time now 9 hour
Karen respawn time now 14 hour
Ghost karen respawn time now 14 hour
Demon harpy respawn time 30 minutes
Angelic harpy respawn time 30 minutes
Item flower are now in zulia town [8 min Respawn time]
Delete roumen flower
Albireo weapons now lvl 120
Lunatic albireo armor now lvl 120
T5 stones and safety stones [Bloodstone Cave]
Item mall perm skins now 25%
Ingame best skins now 18%
Blackbear alberstol drops t4 safety stones and t4 stones
Add puppet helga jewelry [Lvl 100]
Delete 2 freezer skills
Add voltage skins perm item mall 25%
Stones for upgrading t1-t3 100%
T4-t5 for upgrading please use safety stones
Item mall 100% protect stone t4-t5
Add safety stones to daily npc

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	- Drop Rate Middle -
	- Cap 115 -
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